Section 11-25-2

Existing libraries; alternative method of establishing libraries; successors to property, funds, etc.

The governing body of each county having county law libraries under existing laws on August 8, 1979, may come under the provisions of this chapter by resolution thereof, upon the request of the presiding circuit judge, and the filing of a copy of said resolution with the Secretary of State and the Administrative Director of Courts. This is an alternative method to the local act method of establishing county law libraries and a county may elect at any time to use either method but may not have a county law library under both methods at the same time. All county law libraries established under the provisions of this chapter shall become owners and successors to all property, funds, and obligations of their predecessors and all property and funds subsequently acquired by the county law libraries.

(Acts 1979, No. 79-751, p. 1336, §2.)