Section 11-27-1

Powers generally.

The county commissions of the several counties in this state are hereby authorized and empowered to grant, by resolution or ordinance, franchises for the installation of poles or conduits within the boundary lines of public roads, highways, or rights-of-way for the operation of community antenna television facilities. Any franchise granted under the provisions of this chapter may be conditioned by reasonable rules and regulations set out in said franchise and said franchise may be revoked for the continued violation of any of said rules and regulations. Said franchises shall only apply in unincorporated areas of any such county at the time of granting said franchise and a franchise may be limited to a portion of said unincorporated area. For the purposes of this chapter the term "community television antenna facility" shall include "cable television" facilities.

(Acts 1982, 2nd Ex. Sess., No. 82-787, p. 291, §1.)