Section 11-3-18

Chief administrative officer.

A county commission may employ a chief administrative officer, who shall carry out the administrative duties of the county and shall perform all of the following duties:

(1) Keep and record minutes of all meetings of the county commission.

(2) Have prepared and presented to the commission chair for proper execution all appropriate documents, such as resolutions, orders, contracts, or directives, as are necessary to carry out the actions of the county commission.

(3) Maintain at all times a detailed record of the financial status of the county which shall be kept up to date at all times and shall reflect the true status of all outstanding obligations of the county and the estimated revenue for the current fiscal year.

(4) Perform any other duties with reference to accounting, auditing claims, issuing warrants, and supplying the county commission with information as the county commission may deem necessary for the administration of the financial affairs of the county.

(5) Serve as signatory for the county on all appropriate documents as authorized or directed by policy adopted by resolution of the county commission.

(6) Perform any other duties as may be assigned from time to time and under procedures established by the county commission.

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