Section 11-3-25

Acquisition, etc., of copies of field notes of original government survey of county lands.

The county commission is authorized to contract with the Secretary of State at an amount not greater than six and one-half cents per 100 words for certified copies of the field notes of the original government surveys of all lands in the county to be made in a book of proper size to be furnished by the county commission, and such books shall be deposited in the office of the judge of probate, free to inspection and making of copies of said field notes by all citizens of the state and when the same is completed and delivered to the judge of probate, the county commission must draw a warrant on the county treasurer for the amount due the Secretary of State, which shall be a preferred claim against such county.

(Code 1876, §751; Code 1886, §832; Code 1896, §965; Code 1907, §3320; Code 1923, §6769; Code 1940, T. 12, §26.)