Section 11-3-4

Reimbursement of travel expenses of commissioners.

Each member of the county commission, including the judge of probate when he or she serves as chair of the county commission shall be entitled to reimbursement of all actual travel expenses, other than mileage, and mileage at the mileage rate allowed by the Internal Revenue Code for income tax deduction while traveling in his or her personal vehicle within or outside of the county, in performing the duties of the office of county commissioner. Reimbursement shall be paid on warrants drawn on the county treasury on the order of the county commission provided he or she presents proper documentation of such expenses under procedures adopted by the county commission and in compliance with Article 1, commending with Section 36-7-1, of Chapter 7 of Title 36. This section shall not operate to repeal or amend any local law affecting any county with respect to the matters contained in this section. In the discretion of the county commission, the mileage reimbursement authorized herein may be paid out of the county gasoline tax revenues when the mileage is incurred by a member while occupied in the discharge of his or her duties in inspecting, accepting, building, repairing, or supervising any of the county roads or bridges. Travel reimbursement based on number of miles traveled and/or actual expenses incurred shall not be deemed to constitute salary compensation under this section, Section 11-3-4.1, or Chapter 2A of this title.

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