Section 11-3-44

Local Government Training Institute.

(a) There is created and established the Alabama Local Government Training Institute. All costs of operating and conducting the institute shall be paid from public funds appropriated for this purpose.

(b) The institute shall have the power, duty, and authority to design, implement, and administer the course of training and education pursuant to this article.

(c) The course of training and education required by Section 11-3-43 shall be conducted by the institute as soon as practicable after each general election at which county commissioners are elected. The training and education shall be completed no later than two years from the election. The institute shall have sole responsibility for determining the specific date or dates the course of training and education shall be conducted.

(d) The board shall establish guidelines and procedures to permit a person elected or appointed as a member of a county commission who is unable to attend or complete the course of training and education when offered by the institute due to the appointment of a commissioner to fill a vacant office during a term, medical disability, providential cause, or another reason deemed sufficient by the board to comply with the requirements of this article.

(e) The board shall perform all other duties and have other powers and authority necessary and proper or as prescribed by general law.

(Acts 1994, No. 94-598, p. 1109, §5.)