Section 11-32-28

Certification of routes.

On or prior to the beginning of the fourth month before the start of each fiscal year, the principal municipality and each municipality in the authorizing county which elects to be served by the authority shall certify in writing to the authority the routes to be operated in the municipality during the forthcoming fiscal year and agree to make the payments to the authority provided in Section 11-32-29. The routes that are certified shall constitute the routes to be operated by the authority in the municipality during the forthcoming fiscal year, subject to equipment availability and to the adjustments as reasonably deemed necessary by the authority in order to provide for the efficient operation of transit service in the municipality and in the authorizing county as a whole. Any change in the routes during the fiscal year shall be undertaken only with the approval of the municipality, except the authority may suspend, reduce, or terminate the route, routes, or services within a municipality without the approval of the municipality if the municipality fails timely to pay for the services.

(Act 2013-380, p. 1389, §28.)