Section 11-32-30

Certification of amounts to be paid to authority.

Subject to any agreement filed with the authority pursuant to Section 11-32-29, the annual amount to be paid to the authority by the principal municipality and each municipality in the authorizing county which elects to be served by the authority is to be ascertained by multiplying the total projected hours of operation in the municipality for the forthcoming fiscal year based upon the routes certified by the municipality pursuant to Section 11-32-28, as adjusted by the authority as provided in Section 11-32-28, in order to provide for the efficient operation of transit service, times the cost per hour of operation set forth by the authority in the budget submitted by the authority pursuant to the provisions of Section 11-32-27. The amounts shall be certified to the authorizing county tax collector, revenue commissioner, or director of revenue of the authorizing county, if any, by the authority on or prior to September 15 of each year.

(Act 2013-380, p. 1389, §30.)