Section 11-3A-7

Savings provision.

Act 562, 1953 Regular Session (Acts 1953, p. 799); Act 463, 1957 Regular Session (Acts 1957, p. 630); Act 716, 1957 Regular Session (Acts 1957, p. 1112); Act 87-758, 1987 Regular Session (Acts 1987, p. 1479); Act 89-527, 1989 Regular Session (Acts 1989, p. 1077); and Act 91-193, 1991 Regular Session (Acts 1991, p. 354), which are local acts applicable to Jefferson County only, shall remain in full force and effect following May 26, 2005, and shall constitute the exclusive regulatory authority to be exercised by the Jefferson County Commission in regard to any powers that would otherwise be granted in this chapter. Nothing authorizing the Jefferson County Commission to exercise any power in this chapter shall apply unless the local act named above relating to the power is specifically repealed by separate local act of the Legislature.

(Act 2005-200, p. 399, §7.)