Section 11-40-20

Operation of hotel and related facilities by Class 1 municipalities and certain public corporations - Hotel management contracts.

Any municipality or separate public corporation authorized to own and operate a hotel pursuant to the provisions of Section 11-40-19 and this section may operate such hotel through one or more management contracts with private companies experienced in the operation of hotels, and such management contract shall be exempt from the provisions of Sections 41-16-50 through 41-16-63, inclusive, and shall be awarded for such term and in accordance with such conditions as shall be determined by the governing body of said municipality or separate public corporation, as the case may be. Nothing contained in Section 11-40-19 or this section shall be construed to limit any hotel owned and operated by any municipality or public corporation to providing services to persons attending conventions that use the civic center facilities owned by such municipality or public corporation, and any hotel owned and operated by a municipality or a public corporation pursuant to Section 11-40-19 and this section shall be entitled to serve the general public to the full extent permitted hotels under the laws of the state.

(Acts 1989, No. 89-794, §2.)