Section 11-41-4

Certification of election result to probate judge; census enumeration of inhabitants; issuance, recordation, and filing of order of incorporation; filing fee.

Within five days after the election, the inspectors must certify the result to the judge of probate, who must, if a majority of the votes cast at the election are for "corporation," cause an enumeration of the inhabitants residing within such territory to be made by such inspectors or other persons appointed by him and, within three days after such enumeration has been completed and returned to him, shall make an order to be entered of record in the minutes of the court that the inhabitants of such territory are incorporated as a town or city, as the case may be, by the name and with the boundaries shown by the petition, whereupon such town or city shall be vested with the rights and powers incident to such corporations granted in this title.

The judge of probate shall file, within 10 days after its issuance, a certified copy of his order of incorporation in the regular corporation books maintained by him in his office and also in the office of the Secretary of State and for filing each such order there shall be paid, in advance, to the probate judge, a fee of $5.00.

(Code 1907, §1056; Code 1923, §1747; Code 1940, T. 37, §13; Acts 1969, No. 1111, p. 2047.)