Section 11-42-125

Form and marking of ballots; ascertainment of election results; contests of election.

(a) The mayor of the city or town shall cause the ballots to be used in such election to be printed with the following words thereon: "Shall the agreement for the annexation of (naming the city or town) to (naming the city or town) be ratified?" and printed on the ballot with the above quoted words immediately thereunder the words "Yes" and "No," and the elector shall designate his choice by marking with ink or pencil a cross mark (X) in a place to be left before the word expressing his wish. The ballots provided under the terms of this division need not be of any particular size, form, or color.

(b) The result of the election shall be ascertained in the same manner that the result of the election of city or town officers is ascertained, and the election may be contested in the same manner as is provided for the contest of the election of any city or town officers.

(Code 1907, §1138; Code 1923, §1833; Code 1940, T. 37, §200.)