Section 11-42-152

Calling of election; conduct of election generally; notice of election.

(a) The governing bodies shall within 10 days thereafter call an election at which the qualified electors residing in the municipalities may vote at their usual voting places for or against consolidation, and the voters residing in the territory outside the limits of either of the municipalities shall also be permitted to vote at the voting place in either municipality nearest to their place of residence.

(b) The governing bodies of each municipality shall name the election officers in their respective municipalities, and said election shall be governed, the returns canvassed and the results declared as provided by law for other municipal elections.

(c) Such election shall be held in each of such municipalities on the same day and must be advertised in each of the newspapers published in the county in which such municipalities are situated once a week for four successive weeks, and said advertisement shall state the purpose for which such election is called, the time of holding the same, and the territory outside of either municipality which is proposed to be incorporated into the consolidated municipality.

(Acts 1919, No. 423, p. 547; Code 1923, §1861; Code 1940, T. 37, §220.)