Section 11-42-79

Construction of sidewalks and curbing and assessment of costs thereof in territory exempt from taxation; landowners in exempt territory to file petition requesting betterments.

The council or governing body of the city shall have the right to construct or cause to be constructed sidewalks and curbing in the territory exempt from city taxation under the provisions of this article and assess the cost and expense thereof against the abutting property in the same manner and under the same laws and to the same extent as it is authorized to construct similar betterments in the territory within the corporate limits of said city which is not exempt from taxation, but before said council or governing body is authorized to construct any sidewalks or curbing in territory exempt from taxation, the owners of a majority of the frontage of and to be assessed for such sidewalks or curbing must file with the clerk of the city a written petition signed by them requesting such betterments to be made.

(Code 1907, §1111; Code 1923, §1805; Code 1940, T. 37, §174.)