Section 11-43-120

Bond; duties generally; payment of warrants; reports and statements to council.

The treasurer shall give bond in such sum as the council may prescribe for the faithful performance of his duties and the safe custody of the funds. He shall be the custodian of the funds of the municipality, keeping an accurate record of the funds of the several departments, and shall keep books showing accurately the financial condition of the city. He shall pay out money only upon warrants drawn by the officers authorized by the applicable provisions of this title to draw warrants upon the treasurer, and when paid shall keep safely the warrants so drawn. Such warrants, approved by the mayor or such other person as the council may designate, except as otherwise provided in this section, shall be drawn by the clerk on the treasurer, the warrant showing to what department the same is to be charged.

In cities of 6,000 or more, such warrants shall be drawn by the clerk on the treasurer, the warrants showing to what department the same is to be charged, but the council may authorize the clerk to draw such warrants on the treasurer without the approval of the mayor; except, that in all instances the approval of the mayor shall have first been inscribed upon the voucher for the payment of which such warrant is drawn. No warrant shall be drawn except by authority of law or ordinance. No expenditure shall be allowed unless the same shall have been authorized by ordinance or by the mayor and is carefully itemized and shall have been examined, audited, and approved. The treasurer shall keep a record of all warrants presented for payment which are unpaid for want of funds and shall pay them when funds are available in the order of their presentation.

He shall make report once a month or oftener if required by the council of the financial condition of the account of each department authorized to draw on the treasurer and shall make a quarterly statement, under oath, of the financial condition of the city or town to the council.

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