Section 11-43-142

Operation, etc., beyond corporate limits and police jurisdiction - Contracts with municipalities, counties, manufacturing or industrial concerns, etc.; liability for injuries.

The governing body of any city or town may, in its discretion, authorize or require the fire department thereof to render aid in cases of fire occurring beyond their corporate limits and police jurisdiction, and may prescribe the conditions on which such aid may be rendered and may enter into a contract or contracts with other cities or towns, with counties or county boards, manufacturing or industrial concerns, or residential or business areas for rendering aid in fire protection in such places on such terms as may be agreed upon by such governing body and the governing body of such city or town, county or county boards, or the management of such manufacturing or industrial concerns or the residents of such residential or business areas, and when the fire department of any city or town is operating under such permission or contract or contracts on any call beyond the corporate limits and police jurisdiction of the city or town, it shall be deemed to be operating in a governmental capacity and subject only to such liability for injuries as it would be if it were operating within the corporate limits and police jurisdiction of such city or town.

(Acts 1955, No. 558, p. 1219, §2.)