Section 11-43-19

Retirement pensions for certain elected public officials of Class 2 municipalities.

In any Class 2 municipality in this state, any elected public official of such municipality, or any former elected public official of such municipality, who has served as an elected official of such municipality for a total of eight years or more, and who in addition thereto has served as an elected public official of the county within which said municipality is located, for not less than 10 years, and who has attained the age of 64 years and has retired from such service or if he shall have heretofore retired from such service, shall, upon May 4, 1982, receive a pension from the municipality, which pension shall be in an amount of $600.00 per month.

(b) This retirement pension shall be paid to such retired official by said municipality out of the general fund of said municipality in equal monthly installments commencing on the first day of the second month after his retirement, each such monthly payment to be for the last previous month, and shall continue until his death.

(Acts 1982, No. 82-477, p. 797, §§1, 2.)