Section 11-43-250

Elected official of Class 8 municipality authorized to appoint designee to serve on state or local agency, board, etc.

(a) In Class 8 municipalities, an elected official of the municipality who is an ex officio member of a state or local agency, board, commission, or other entity pursuant to law, may designate a person to serve in his or her place, who shall assume all duties of the elected official relating to the entity, including all voting rights and who shall be counted as a member for the purpose of conducting business. Provided, that the elected official may not appoint a convicted felon to serve in his or her place unless that person has had his or her civil rights restored. A designee appointed by the mayor to serve in his or her place is not required to be a resident of the municipality where the mayor serves.

(b) A designee under subsection (a) shall serve at the pleasure of the elected official and for the duration of the elected official's term of office and an elected official may withdraw a designee's appointment and appoint a new designee at any time.

(c) This section applies to a general or local law enacted prior to, on, or after May 25, 2017.

(Act 2017-362, §1.)