Section 11-43-59

Adoption of fire limits, building laws and ordinances, etc.; condemnation of buildings, etc.; charges for inspections.

The council may prescribe fire limits in any city or town, and buildings of wood or other inflammable material shall not be erected therein. The council may do all things necessary to prevent conflagration and give security to the inhabitants of the city or town from fires. The council may adopt building laws and may employ building inspectors to see that the laws are not violated and that the plans and specifications for buildings are not in conflict with the ordinances of the city or town and may exact fees to be paid by the owners of the property inspected. The council may secure the safety of persons from fire in hotels and halls and in such other buildings as may be designated by the council, to have and maintain ample means of exit in case of fire, and may refuse to license and may prevent the use of such buildings for such purposes until such ordinances have been complied with. The council may adopt ordinances requiring buildings to be equipped with fire escapes when in the opinion of the council they are necessary. The council may condemn buildings, parts of buildings, or structures dangerous to the public and prohibit the use thereof and abate the same as a nuisance. The council may make reasonable charges for the service of plumbing and electric wiring inspection, inspection of foods and feedstuffs, meats and vegetables, and weights and measures.

(Code 1907, §1264; Code 1923, §2012; Code 1940, T. 37, §436.)