Section 11-43-7.3

Salary of members of city council of Class 1 municipalities.

(a) This section shall relate to only any Class 1 municipality.

(b) Effective beginning the term of office commencing in 2017, the annual salary for each member of the city council of the Class 1 municipality shall be set and adjusted each regular four-year term by the State Personnel Board, by determining the median household income of the city rounded up to the nearest thousand, to take effect on the first day of January of each new term.

(c) The salary provided in subsection (b) shall constitute the total salary payable to the presiding officers and members of the city council, beginning with the term commencing immediately after any municipal election in 2017.

(d) The city council of the Class 1 municipality may not increase, supplement, or otherwise enlarge the salary payable to the members of the city council.

(Act 2017-275, §§1-3.)