Section 11-43-82

Issuance of proclamation closing shops and forbidding sale of arms, ammunition, etc., during riots, etc.

Whenever any mob, riot, or tumult has occurred or there is reasonable cause to apprehend an occurrence thereof in any city, town, or village or in the vicinity thereof, the mayor shall have power to issue his proclamation ordering the closing of all shops or other places where the business of selling arms, ammunition, dynamite, or other explosives is carried on and forbidding the selling, lending, giving away, bartering, or otherwise disposing of any of such articles until such time as, in his judgment, such occupation may be carried on without danger to the public peace and safety.

(Code 1896, §2972; Code 1907, §1454; Code 1923, §2310; Code 1940, T. 37, §442.)