Section 11-43-86

Compensation of mayor, etc., of Class 1 municipality; mayor authorized to attend certain meetings, etc.; applicability of section.

(a) The mayor or other chief executive officer of any Class 1 city shall be paid, in addition to the compensation provided by law for the office, the additional sum of $1,833.33 per month, payable in advance on the first day of each month as an allowance for expenses incident to the office of mayor, for which the mayor shall not be required to file an accounting.

(b) All other provisions of law notwithstanding, the mayor may elect in writing to have the expense allowances authorized by subsection (a) and by subsection (a) of Section 11-43-7.1 treated as subject to withholding of any employee contribution required to be paid into the trust fund provided under any pension or retirement system in which the mayor is eligible to participate. The mayor may also elect in writing within 90 days of October 9, 1992 to pay into the pension or retirement system trust fund the required contribution on any expense allowance previously received under this section prior to October 9, 1992 during all or any portion of the three-year period prior to the mayor's payment election, together with interest at the rate of eight percent per annum thereon computed from the date of receipt of the allowance to the date of payment. If either or both of the elections is made by the mayor, the expense allowances on which employee contributions are paid into retirement plan trust fund shall be considered together with all salaries received by the mayor, from which the required employee contribution was likewise withheld and paid into the retirement trust fund, to determine the amount of any retirement benefits or allowances to which the mayor may be entitled to receive as provided under the pension system upon retirement under the terms of the system.

(c) The mayor or other chief executive officer of any city shall attend as the official representative of the city meetings and conferences in the city to which he or she is invited and which will in the opinion of such mayor or chief executive officer result in the advertisement of the city or any function or undertaking of the city. The mayor or chief executive officer shall be the sole judge of the conferences or meetings he or she should attend.

(d) This section shall not be construed so as to prevent any mayor or other chief executive officer from being reimbursed for actual expenses incurred on or in connection with a trip on city business beyond the corporate limits of the city. However, reimbursements under this subsection shall not accrue against the amounts authorized in subsection (b), nor shall reimbursements of actual expenses incurred beyond the corporate limits of the city be eligible for pension system withholding or be considered in determining pension or retirement benefits or allowances.

(Acts 1964, 1st Ex. Sess., No. 77, p. 111; Acts 1984, No. 84-618, p. 1256, §1; Acts 1992, 2nd Ex. Sess., No. 92-720, p. 228, §1.)