Section 11-43C-13

Council to consist of five district council members; division of municipality into districts; changing district boundaries where population varies by over five percent.

The council shall include five members who shall be known and elected as district council members. Such district council members shall be elected from districts which shall be, as near as practicable, of equal population according to the last federal decennial census. The probate judge of the county in which any such municipality is located shall divide the municipality into five districts which shall be homogeneous in area and shall not vary in population by over five percent. The boundaries as established by the probate judge shall be certified to the governing body of the municipality and shall be used for the election of members of the city council in the 1988 municipal election and for all council elections thereafter. Should any district established in the municipality for the election of council members be found by the probate judge, based on any future federal census, to vary by over five percent in population from any of the other districts, then the probate judge shall change, alter, or rearrange the boundaries of said districts in such manner as to establish five districts which are homogeneous in area and have a population which does not vary by over five percent between said districts.

(Acts 1987, No. 87-102, p. 116, §13.)