Section 11-43C-45

Recommended expenditures not to exceed estimated receipts unless additional revenue measures adopted; recommendations where receipts estimated to exceed expenditures; public utility budgets.

In no event shall the expenditures recommended by the mayor in the general fund budget exceed the receipts estimated, taking into account the estimated cash surplus or deficit at the end of the current fiscal year, as provided in the preceding section hereof, unless the mayor shall recommend an increase in or levy of new or increased taxes or licenses within the power of the city to levy and collect in the ensuing fiscal year, the receipts from which, estimated on the basis of the average experience with the same or similar taxes during the three full tax years last past, will make up the difference. If estimated receipts exceed estimated expenditures, the mayor may recommend revisions in the tax and license ordinances of the city in order to bring the general fund budget into balance. The same balanced budget restrictions shall apply in the adoption of any public utility budget.

(Acts 1987, No. 87-102, p. 116, §45.)