Section 11-44B-42

Scope of article; rules and regulations; job classification specifications; employment retention and removal; reduction of base pay.

(a) All covered employees of the city shall be subject to this article and the rules and regulations prescribed in or promulgated pursuant to this article.

(b) All rules and regulations promulgated pursuant to this article shall be enacted by the city council based upon applicable state and federal laws. The rules and regulations shall establish qualifications for examinations and appointment of new covered employees, assignment or transfer of current covered employees, resignations, disciplinary actions to include, but not be limited to, suspensions, demotions and dismissals, layoffs, leaves of absence with pay, leaves of absence without pay, and all other matters determined by the city council to be required to effectively implement the intent of this article. All rules and regulations shall govern covered employees. The city council shall cause the rules and regulations and other components of the established personnel system to be periodically reviewed and revised as needed to insure the system is responsive to the needs of the city, to meet all legal requirements, and to implement the intent of this article.

(c) The human resources department of the city shall develop and submit to the city council for approval by resolution job classification specifications for all jobs in the city to be representative of the duties, activities, and qualifications; provided however, the mayor may authorize or direct revisions to established job classification specifications to promote the efficiency of the city.

(d) Present employees determined to be regular status employees in accordance with this article and those who may hereafter be employed in the personnel system and to have achieved regular status shall remain in their respective employment subject to removal for cause, availability of funds, need for jobs as determined by the city council, and reductions in force. For department heads, removal for cause shall include failure to meet standards under performance based contracts or agreements if such performance based contracts are implemented. No covered employee on March 15, 2006, shall be subject to any examination in order to retain his or her present job. This article shall not be construed to prevent or preclude the removal of any covered employee, regardless of employment status, in the manner provided herein.

(e) Except in connection with a reduction in base pay for all jobs or a job classification, due to the availability of funds, the base pay of a covered employee may not be reduced except as provided herein.

(Act 2006-233, p. 420, §3.)