Section 11-44B-9

Franchise, lease, or right to use streets, public highways, thoroughfares, or public ways.

No resolution or ordinance, granting to any person, firm or corporation any franchise, lease or right to use the streets, public highways, thoroughfares, or public ways of any city organized under the provisions of this chapter, either in, under, along, through, or over same shall take effect and be enforced until 30 days after the final enactment of same by the council and publication of said resolution or ordinance in full once a week for three consecutive weeks, in some daily newspaper published in said city, which publication shall be made at the expense of the person, firm or corporation applying for said grant. No grant of any franchise or lease or right of user, or any other right, in, under, upon, along, through, or over the streets, public highways, thoroughfares or public ways of any such city, shall be made or given nor shall any such rights of any kind whatever be conferred upon any person, firm or corporation, except by resolution or ordinance duly passed by the council at some regular or adjourned regular meeting and published as above provided for in this section; nor shall any extension or enlargement of any such rights or powers previously granted be made or given except in the manner and subject to all the conditions herein provided for as to the original grant of same. It is expressly provided, however, that the provisions of this section shall not apply to the grant of sidetrack or switching privileges to any railroad for the purpose of reaching and affording railway connections, and switch privileges to the owners or users of any industrial plant, store or warehouse.

(Acts 1985, 1st Ex. Sess., No. 85-107, p. 141, §9.)