Section 11-44C-43

Estimates of revenue and expenditures for each department, etc.; compilation of budget information by director of finance; review and revision of estimates.

It shall be the duty of the head of each department, and each other office or agency supported in whole or in part by the city, to file with the director of finance, at such time as the mayor may prescribe, estimates of revenue and expenditures for that department, office or agency for the ensuing fiscal year. Such estimates shall be submitted on the forms furnished by the director of finance and it shall be the duty of the head of each department, office or agency, to supply all the information which the director of finance may require to be submitted. The director of finance shall assemble and compile these estimates and supply such additional information relating to the financial transactions of the city as may be required by the mayor in the preparation of the budgets. The mayor shall hold such hearings as he may deem advisable and with the assistance of the director of finance shall review the estimates and other data pertinent to the preparation of the budgets and make such revisions in such estimates as he may deem proper, subject to the laws of the state of Alabama and any municipal ordinance relating to obligatory expenditures for any purpose.

(Acts 1985, No. 85-229, p. 96, §43.)