Section 11-44E-93

Noninterference by mayor or commission with certain duties of city manager; dealings with administrative service.

Neither the mayor, commission nor any of its members shall direct the employment or removal of any person by the city manager or by any of his (her) subordinates in the administrative service of the city. Appointments or removals of employees not subject to a civil service or merit act will be done in conformity with Section 11-44E-92(2). Except for the purposes of inquiry and investigation held in a manner firmly established by resolution or ordinance in advance of such inquiry and investigation, the commission and its members shall deal with the administrative service of the city solely through the city manager, and neither the commission nor any member thereof shall give orders, either publicly or privately, to any employee under the supervision of the city manager, except in emergencies.

(Acts 1988, No. 88-445, p. 660, §5.04.)