Section 11-44F-25

Subsequent referendum to reconsider status of mayor as part-time position.

In the event that the governing body of any Class 8 municipality, which has adopted an ordinance pursuant to Section 11-44F-22, shall later determine that it would be in the best interests of the municipality that a subsequent referendum be held to reconsider the status of the mayor as a part-time position in such city (town), then the governing body may, by resolution, provide for a subsequent referendum upon the issue and, if so provided, the ballot shall be substantially as set forth in Section 11-44F-21, except that the question presented shall read substantially as follows:

Check one of the following:

Do you favor that the office of mayor of the City (Town) of _______ shall no longer be required to be a full-time position?

Yes ___ No ___.

If a majority of the voters voting cast their votes in favor of no longer requiring the position of mayor to be full time, then the governing body of the municipality may adopt an ordinance in effect repealing the previous ordinance requiring the mayor to serve in a full-time position, and the ordinance shall become effective when the next mayor takes office. The votes shall be canvassed and certified in the same manner as provided by Section 11-44F-23 and the governing body shall establish the salary of the mayor at least six months prior to the next regularly scheduled municipal election.

(Acts 1995, No. 95-367, p. 739, §6.)