Section 11-45-3

Transmittal of ordinances or resolutions to mayor for consideration; approval by mayor and publication by clerk; recall of ordinances or resolutions from mayor.

In cities having a population of 12,000 or more, all resolutions or ordinances intended to be of permanent operation, after having been passed by the council, shall be transmitted by the clerk, within 48 hours after their passage, to the mayor or acting mayor for his consideration, who, if he shall approve thereof, shall sign and return the same to the clerk, who shall publish them, and such ordinances and resolutions shall thereupon have the force of law; provided, that the council may provide that they shall be effective from approval.

An ordinance or resolution may be recalled from the mayor at any time before it has become a law or has been acted on by him by a resolution adopted by a majority of the members elected to the council in regular or special session.

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