Section 11-45-4

Veto of ordinances and resolutions and passage over veto generally.

If the mayor shall disapprove of any ordinance or resolution transmitted to him as provided in Section 11-45-3, he shall, within 10 days of the time of its passage by the council, return the same to the clerk with his objections in writing, and the clerk shall make report thereof to the next regular meeting of the city council; and, if two thirds of the members elected to the said council shall adhere to said ordinance or resolution notwithstanding said objections, said vote being taken by yeas and nays and spread upon the minutes, then, and not otherwise, said ordinance or resolution shall, after publication thereof, have the force of law, unless by its terms it was to take effect on its approval, in which event it shall take effect upon its passage over such veto. The failure of the mayor to return to the clerk an ordinance or resolution with his veto within 10 days after its passage by the council shall operate and have the same effect as an approval of the same, and the clerk shall publish the same as is provided in subsection (b) of Section 11-45-8 for the publication of laws and ordinances of said city.

(Code 1907, §1186; Code 1923, §1902; Code 1940, T. 37, §458.)