Section 11-45-5

Veto, passage over veto, etc., of ordinances and resolutions fixing salaries of officers and employees.

Every ordinance and resolution fixing the salaries of employees and officers of said city shall be submitted to the mayor as other ordinances and resolutions are to be submitted and may be approved in part and vetoed as to specific items, to be mentioned by the mayor in his veto message, in which case there shall first be submitted to the council at its next regular meeting the question: "Shall the ordinance pass, the veto of the mayor notwithstanding?" and, in the event that two thirds of the members elected to the council do not vote for the passage of the ordinance, the veto notwithstanding, there shall then be submitted the question: "Shall the ordinance stand as approved by the mayor?" and if a majority of those elected to the council vote in the affirmative, the law as amended and approved by the mayor shall have the force and effect of law as in other cases; otherwise, such salary ordinance shall be defeated.

(Code 1907, §1187; Code 1923, §1903; Code 1940, T. 37, §459.)