Section 11-46-2

Establishment of qualification fee for candidates for office.

The governing body of all municipal corporations of this state may, by ordinance, establish and fix a qualification fee to be imposed upon all candidates seeking election in municipal elections conducted under the provisions of Sections 11-46-20 through 11-46-25, 11-46-27 through 11-46-73, as amended, and of Sections 11-46-90 through 11-46-96, 11-46-98 through 11-46-144, as amended. Such fee, if established as provided for in this section, shall in no event be less than $10.00 and shall not exceed $50.00 for any office for which a candidate qualifies for election. The ordinance establishing and fixing such qualification fee shall be adopted by the governing body at least five days prior to the first day upon which a candidate seeking election in a municipal election may qualify for the office to be filled at the municipal election.

(Acts 1969, No. 1109, p. 2045.)