Section 11-46-20

Cities and towns governed by article; costs of elections; standard of time applicable; effect of legal holidays or closing days.

(a) General and special elections in cities and towns of this state, in all municipalities except Class 1 municipalities and except cities and towns organized under a commission form of government, shall be held and conducted at the times and in the manner prescribed in this article, and the expenses and costs incident to the conduct of all such elections shall be paid out of the treasury of the city or town holding the election.

(b) Whenever in this article an hour of the day is prescribed for the doing of any act, the time used shall be that of the official time established by the law of the State of Alabama then in effect.

(c) Whenever the last day on which an act may be done pursuant to this article falls on a legal holiday, as defined in Section 1-3-8, or on a day on which the office in which the act must be done is authorized by law to be closed, such act may be done on the next succeeding secular or working day.

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