Section 11-46-29

Appointment of election officers upon failure of others to attend polls.

On the failure of any person who has been duly appointed an election officer to attend the polls at the hour prescribed for his attendance, such of the election officers appointed for that voting box or machine as are present may appoint such election officers as are needed to complete the number of election officials for the box or machine. All persons so appointed shall be qualified electors who are entitled to vote at that polling place.

Should all the appointed election officers fail to be present at a polling place by the hour prescribed on election day, then any three qualified electors who are entitled by law to vote at that polling place at the election then to be held may open the polls, act as three of the election officers for such box or machine and appoint such other officers as are required to fill the place of those absent; provided, that every person so appointed shall be a qualified elector entitled to vote at the polling place.

(Acts 1961, No. 663, p. 827, §9.)