Section 11-46-30

Schools for instruction of election officials in use of voting machines; qualifications and certification of election officials.

(a) When voting machines are to be used in any municipal election, the municipal governing body shall provide for holding a school or schools of instruction for those who will actually conduct the election. The municipal clerk shall notify those persons who have been appointed election officials of the time and place of the holding of such school of instruction and shall also publish notice thereof at least 48 hours before the same is to be held.

(b) No election official shall serve in any election district in which a voting machine is used, unless he has received such instruction, is fully qualified to perform the duties in connection with the machine and has received a certificate to that effect from the authorized instructor; provided, that this requirement shall not prevent the appointment of an uninstructed person as an election official to fill a vacancy among the election officials.

(Acts 1961, No. 663, p. 827, §10.)