Section 11-46-31

Exhibition of voting machines for voter instruction and information; diagrams furnished with voting machines.

During the 30 days next preceding an election at which voting machines will be used, the municipal governing body shall place on public exhibition in public places and at times as it may deem most suitable for the information and instruction of the voters one or more voting machines, containing the ballot labels and showing the offices and questions to be voted upon and, so far as practicable, the names and arrangements of the candidates for office. The machines will be under the charge and care of a person competent as custodian and instructor. No voting machine which is to be assigned for use in an election shall be used for public exhibition and instruction after having been prepared and sealed for the election. This requirement shall not apply in any municipality which will use a vote tabulator that requires voters to fill out a card or paper ballot that will be read by the tabulator. In these municipalities, the municipal governing body shall, at least 30 days prior to the municipal election, place a sample of the ballot or vote card that will be used in the election on public exhibition in public places and at the times it deems most suitable for the information and instruction of the voters.

Prior to any election the municipal governing body may cause copies of any diagram or diagrams required to be furnished with voting machines at polling places to be made, either in full size or reduced size, and to be posted, published, advertised, or distributed among the electors in a manner as they may deem desirable.

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