Section 11-46-36

Preparation, certification, filing, and publication of lists of qualified regular voters.

(a) The mayor or other chief executive officer of the city or town shall cause to be made a list of the qualified voters who reside within the corporate limits of such city or town and who are registered to vote regular ballots, dividing the same into separate alphabetical lists of the qualified voters of each ward where such city or town has been divided into wards and all qualified voters thereof vote at one box or voting machine, or dividing such list into separate alphabetical lists of voters authorized to vote at each respective box or voting machine if the list of qualified voters has been divided alphabetically and each alphabetical group assigned a box or machine at which to vote. He or she shall have such lists compared with the official list of electors qualified to vote during the current year on file in the probate office of the county in which the municipality is situated and shall certify on each list prepared pursuant to this section that it is a correct list of the voters who are qualified to vote regular ballots in the municipality, ward, ballot box, or voting machine to which it appertains. He or she shall have full access to all registration lists of the county for this purpose. A copy of each list so prepared shall be filed with the municipal clerk, who shall file and retain each such list as a public record in his or her office, on or before the third Tuesday in July before a regular municipal election. The clerk shall prepare a copy of the list of qualified voters authorized to vote at each of the respective polling places in the municipality, and, prior to the opening of the polls on election day, he or she shall furnish to the inspectors, or one of them, of each ballot box or voting machine at each polling place a copy of the list of qualified voters authorized to vote at the box or voting machine for which he or she was appointed an inspector. The clerk shall also publish the list of qualified voters authorized to vote at the ensuing election at least five days prior to the election by posting copies thereof in at least three public places in the municipality.

(b) Following each election, the municipal clerk shall make a copy of that portion of the poll list to be made a public record and shall maintain the original in his or her office. The clerk shall redact any information required to be redacted pursuant to Section 17-4-33 from the copy to be made a public record. This subsection shall not affect poll lists used at local precincts.

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