Section 11-46-42

Number of electors allowed in polling place; time limit, etc., for occupation of booth.

Where paper ballots are used, no more than 10 electors shall be allowed in the polling place at the same time.

In all elections for which voting booths or compartments have been provided, if all such booths or compartments are occupied and other electors are waiting to vote, no elector shall occupy a booth or compartment for a longer time than five minutes. No elector shall be allowed to occupy a booth or compartment already occupied by another nor to speak or converse with anyone except as provided in this article while in the polling place. After having voted or declined or failed to vote within five minutes, the elector shall immediately withdraw from the polling place and go beyond the prohibited distance and shall not enter the polling place again.

(Acts 1961, No. 663, p. 827, §22.)