Section 11-46-48

Provision of election materials and supplies; preparation of lighting facilities; posting and placement of diagrams and models.

The municipal clerk shall furnish and deliver with each voting machine: Lighting facilities which shall give sufficient light to enable voters while in the voting machine booth to read the ballot labels and suitable for the use of election officers in examining the counters; a model and two diagrams or sample ballots of suitable size, representing such part of the face of such voting machine as will be in use in the election, and accompanied by directions for voting on the machine; a seal or seals for sealing the machine after the polls are closed; an envelope for the return of the keys, if the construction of the voting machine shall permit their separate return; and such other election materials and supplies as may be necessary.

The lighting facilities above mentioned shall be prepared and in good order for use before the opening of the polls. The diagrams shall be posted prominently outside the voting booth for the instruction of electors. The model shall be placed in the polling place and at or outside the guard rail or barrier.

(Acts 1961, No. 663, p. 827, §28.)