Section 11-46-49

Election officers for voting machines; duties.

(a) At all elections where voting machines are used, there shall be the following election officers for each voting machine: An inspector, a chief clerk, and a first and a second assistant clerk; except, in the event voting centers are established, then the requirements of Section 11-46-24 shall control the number of election officials.

(b) The inspector shall be in general charge of the poll, shall see that the counter compartments of the machine are never unlocked or opened so that the counters are exposed during voting, shall see that the other election officers perform the duties imposed on them by this section, shall keep a record of all voters at such machine who received assistance pursuant to subsection (a) of Section 11-46-51, and all other records required by this article, and immediately after the polls have closed and the statement of the returns has been made, shall deliver such statement and the key or keys to the machine to the municipal clerk. He shall also act as challenger.

(c) The chief clerk shall examine the list of qualified electors and check off the names of voters which appear thereon as they vote.

(d) The first assistant clerk shall attend the poll list and see that each voter signs his name thereon in the order in which he votes.

(e) The second assistant clerk shall attend the voting machine at all times and see that it is not tampered with. He shall also inspect the ballot labels at frequent intervals to see that none have been tampered with and that the machine has not been injured.

(Acts 1961, No. 663, p. 827, §29; Acts 1976, No. 358, p. 403, §14.)