Section 11-46-54

Designation, etc., of custodians of voting machines and keys; transportation, storage, and protection of machines.

(a) The governing body of any municipality procuring voting machines shall designate a person or persons who shall have the custody of the voting machines and the keys therefor when the machines are not in use at an election and shall provide for his compensation and for the safe storage and care of the machines and keys.

(b) All voting machines, when not in use, shall be properly boxed or covered and stored in a suitable place or places by said custodian. The same authority that caused the delivery of the voting machines shall be charged with transporting such machines back to the custodian and shall furnish all necessary protection to see that such machines are not molested nor injured from the time such machines leave the place where they are regularly stored until they are turned over to the custody of the officials of a voting district and from the time that custody ceases on the part of the voting district officials and the machines are returned to the place of regular storage.

(Acts 1961, No. 663, p. 827, §34.)