Section 11-47-1

Borrowing of money authorized - Twelve-month renewable loans.

Cities and towns shall have the right to borrow money for any purpose or purposes not in excess of any limitation imposed by the Constitution and, in case of loans for temporary use, the same may be evidenced either by negotiable notes or by nonnegotiable warrants or certificates of indebtedness which shall not bear exceeding the legal rate of interest, and no obligation of the municipality for money borrowed shall be issued unless signed by the mayor and attested by the clerk, with the seal of the municipality impressed thereon, and a record kept thereof. Any such note, warrant, or certificate of indebtedness shall be payable not later than 12 months after the date of its issuance but may be renewed from time to time until the indebtedness evidenced thereby shall have been paid.

License taxes, ad valorem taxes, rents or revenues from water or any other taxes or revenues due or to become due to a city or town within 12 months from the date of such note, warrant, or certificate of indebtedness may be pledged to secure the payment of any such note, warrant, or certificate of indebtedness.

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