Section 11-47-110.1

Certified animal control officer in Class 5 and Class 8 municipalities.

(a) As used in this section, a local animal control law means a municipal ordinance or local law governing the treatment, care, well-being, or safety of animals.

(b) A Class 5 and Class 8 municipality, by ordinance, may:

(1) Establish civil penalties for violations of local animal control laws in an amount not to exceed one thousand dollars ($1,000) for any violation.

(2) Establish the position of certified animal control officer as well as the authorities and responsibilities of a certified animal control officer, which may include the authority to issue citations, as further provided in this section.

(c) The chief of police of a Class 5 and Class 8 municipality or his or her designee shall be responsible for certifying and revoking the certification of animal control officers, which shall include establishing minimum standards for training and experience that an individual must meet to qualify for certification.

(d) A certified animal control officer authorized by municipal ordinance to issue citations for violations of local animal control laws may do so by either certified mail or personal service.

(e) The municipal court of the respective Class 5 and Class 8 municipality shall have the authority to hear any appeal and impose and enforce civil penalties issued pursuant to this section.

(Act 2017-320, §1.)