Section 11-47-138

Establishment, regulation, etc., of slaughterhouses and pens; regulation of sale, etc., of fresh meats, etc.; fees and charges.

All cities and towns of this state shall have the power to establish, control, and regulate slaughterhouses and pens and to confine the same to a specified limit in or outside of the city or town or prohibit the same within the police jurisdiction of the city or town, and to regulate the sale of fresh meats within the city or town, whether butchered therein or not, and to establish a system of inspecting such slaughterhouses and such meats, either before or after the same are butchered, and to prohibit the sale of such meats after the same are condemned, and provide for the disposition thereof. Such cities and towns shall also have the power to provide for the weighing and herding outside of the city or town of all livestock intended for slaughter and to fix, regulate, and collect reasonable fees and charges to pay the expenses of carrying out the powers granted in this section.

(Code 1907, §1281; Code 1923, §2038; Code 1940, T. 37, §499.)