Section 11-47-223

Bonds of an authority - Signature and seal.

All bonds of an authority shall be signed in the name and behalf of the authority by its chair or vice-chair, and the seal of the authority shall be affixed thereto and attested by its secretary or an assistant secretary. Notwithstanding the foregoing, facsimiles of the signatures of the officers may be imprinted or otherwise reproduced on any of the bonds in lieu of the officers manually signing the same so long as the related indenture or other authorizing proceedings provide for the manual authentication of the bonds by a trustee or paying agent, and provided further that a facsimile of the seal of the authority may be imprinted, or otherwise reproduced, on any of the bonds in lieu of being manually affixed thereto. If, after any of the bonds are so signed, whether manually or by facsimile, any officer shall, for any reason, vacate his or her office, the bonds so signed may nevertheless be delivered at any time thereafter as the act and deed of the authority.

(Acts 1996, No. 96-320, p. 361, §5.)