Section 11-47-225

Use of proceeds of borrowing; application of any portion of proceeds not needed for original purposes.

(a) The principal proceeds derived from any borrowing made by an authority shall be used solely for the purpose or purposes for which the borrowing was authorized. If any bonds are issued for the purpose of financing costs of acquiring, constructing, improving, enlarging, and equipping a project, the costs shall be deemed to include the following:

(1) The cost of any land forming a part of the project.

(2) The cost of the labor, materials, and supplies used in the construction, improvement, or enlargement, including architectural and engineering fees and the cost of preparing contract documents and advertising for bids.

(3) The purchase price of, and the cost of installing, equipment for the project.

(4) The cost of landscaping the lands forming a part of the project and of constructing and installing roads, sidewalks, curbs, gutters, utilities, and parking places in connection therewith.

(5) Legal, accounting, publishing, printing, fiscal, and recording fees, and expenses incurred in connection with the authorization, sale, and issuance of the bonds issued in connection with the project; bond discount, commission, or other financing charges; fees and expenses of financial advisers and planning and management consultants; the cost of any feasibility studies deemed necessary or advisable in connection with the issuance and sale of the bonds; the amount of any debt service reserve that the board deems necessary or advisable to be funded out of the proceeds from the sale of the bonds; premiums or other fees payable to secure bond insurance, one or more letters of credit or a comparable credit enhancement facility; and other expenses as shall be necessary or incident to the borrowing.

(6) Interest on the bonds for a reasonable period prior to the commencement of the construction and equipment of the project, or of any improvements or additions being financed, in whole or in part, out of the proceeds from the sale of the bonds, and during the period estimated to be required for the construction and equipment and for a period of not more than two years after the completion of the construction and equipment.

(7) The reimbursement to itself, to any authorizing subdivision or other county or municipality, or to any other public agency, authority, or body, or any funds advanced, to or for the benefit of the authority or any project owned by it, in anticipation of the issuance of bonds by the authority, including the amount of any interest paid or incurred on any borrowings made for the purpose of obtaining funds to advance to or for the benefit of the authority or the project.

(8) The amount of the reserves for the payment of debt service on the bonds and for the maintenance, repair, replacement, improvement, and enlargement of any of its projects and other properties as the board shall deem advisable.

(b) Any portion of the principal proceeds derived from the borrowing not needed for any of the purposes for which the borrowing was authorized to be made shall be applied and used:

(1) For retirement of the bonds issued in evidence of the borrowing.

(2) For payment of the interest thereon.

(3) For payment into one or more special funds created for payment of principal or interest, or both, or for the creation of reserves for the payment of debt service or for maintenance, repair, replacement, improvement, or enlargement.

(4) For any combination thereof, all as shall be specified in the indenture under which the bonds are issued or in the resolution of the board authorizing the borrowing.

(Acts 1996, No. 96-320, p. 361, §7.)