Section 11-47-62

Declaration for abandonment of cemetery and removal of human remains interred therein - Publication, posting and mailing of notice.

(a) Notice of the said declaration of abandonment and of the proposed removal of the human remains from any such cemetery or part thereof shall be given to all persons interested therein by publication in a newspaper of general circulation published in the city or town wherein said cemetery or part thereof is situated or in a newspaper of general circulation published in the county wherein the same is situated if located outside the limits of an incorporated municipality, which publication shall be made once a week for two successive months.

(b) Said notice shall be entitled "Notice of declaration of abandonment of lands for cemetery purposes and of intention to remove the human bodies interred therein," and shall specify a date, not less than two months after the first publication of such notice, when the cemetery corporation, association, corporation sole or other person owning or controlling such cemetery lands and causing such notice to be published will proceed to remove the human remains then remaining in such cemetery or part thereof.

(c) Copies of said notice so published shall within 10 days after the first publication thereof be posted in at least three conspicuous places in the cemetery or part thereof from which said removals of the human remains interred therein are to be made, and a further copy of said notice shall be mailed to every person who owns or holds or had the right of burial in any lot or plat in said cemetery or part thereof affected by such resolution or declaration of abandonment and removal whose name appears as such owner or holder upon the records of such cemetery, which such notice so mailed shall be addressed to the last known post office address of said respective lot owner or lot holder as the same appears from the records of said cemetery and, if no such address appears or is known, then the same shall be addressed to such person at the city or town or post office address wherein said cemetery land is situated. Such notice shall be mailed to each known living heir at law of any person whose remains are resting in said cemetery when the address of such heir is known.

(Acts 1957, No. 389, p. 523, §3; Acts 1965, No. 155, p. 224, §3.)