Section 11-47-64

Notice to board of health of removal of remains, etc.; removal of remains, etc., subject to rules and regulations of board of health.

(a) Any cemetery corporation, association, corporation sole or other person owning or controlling such cemetery shall, before disinterring, transporting or removing human remains under the provisions of this division, make a written report to the State Board of Health setting forth the name and date of death of each person whose remains are to be removed, if known, the location of the grave and the location of the grave to which such remains are to be removed.

(b) Such disinterment, transportation, or removal of human remains shall be performed subject to such reasonable rules and regulations relative to the manner of disinterring, transporting, or removing such remains as may be adopted by the State Board of Health.

(Acts 1957, No. 389, p. 523, §14; Acts 1965, No. 155, p. 224, §4.)