Section 11-47-66

Purchase and sale of lands, etc., for reinterment of remains from abandoned cemeteries; reservation of lands in abandoned cemeteries for erection of memorial mausoleum, etc.

(a) Whenever any such cemetery corporation, association, corporation sole or other person owning or controlling any such cemetery lands from which the bodies interred therein are to be removed in accordance with the provisions of this division shall have purchased or otherwise acquired lands or a mausoleum or columbarium or the possession or use thereof for the purpose of providing a place for the reinterment or depositing of any human remains which may be removed from any such abandoned cemetery or part thereof, such new lands may be surveyed and subdivided into lots and plats and avenues and walks for cemetery purposes, and any such mausoleum or columbarium or any part thereof may be divided into niches, compartments, or receptacles for the receipt of such remains as may be therein deposited. Thereafter such lots or plats, niches, compartments, or receptacles may be sold to persons desiring to make reinterments or to deposit human remains therein and the board of directors or other governing body of any such cemetery corporation or association may receive and accept as part or full consideration for the purchase price of such new lots or plats, niches, compartments, or receptacles and under such terms and conditions as to the value or price thereof as the said directors or other governing body may deem equitable, full or partial releases from the members of such corporation of their respective right in or to the whole or any part of the assets of said corporation or association other than the lot or plat, niche, compartment, or receptacle conveyed to such purchasers respectively. Any retransfer to said cemetery corporation or association of any lot or plat in the cemetery from which the removal of the human remains are to be made shall operate as such a release.

(b) Sufficient lands may be reserved from any such cemetery lands abandoned as a burial place for the dead and from which the human remains have been removed to erect a memorial mausoleum or columbarium for the depositing of the bodies disinterred from such cemetery lands and to provide sufficient grounds around the same and to preserve such historical vaults or monuments as the board of directors or other governing body of any such cemetery corporation or association may determine to be proper or necessary.

(Acts 1957, No. 389, p. 523, §10.)